Our Tree Removal Services

Why are our emergency tree service so important? Well, if you’ve ever had a tree threaten to fall on your home, or damage your property, you’ll understand why excellent tree removal services are important for your home and property.

Our tree removal experts have experience with every type of tree removal. Whether your tree is cracked, aged, dead, broken, or simply in the way, we can provide the removal services you need to quickly and safely remove it from your property.

emergency tree service


Step 1: We examine the area

The first thing to do is to assess the stability of the tree and the surrounding area. Usually, homeowners’ trees are close to buildings, fences, or other structures that they (understandably) don’t want damaged. First things first—we will clear an area beneath the tree to which we will direct all falling branches.

Step 2: We examine the tree

We will begin by assessing the current health of your tree. Cracked trees can be difficult to handle, and they will need one of our tree experts to know what areas will be handling the pressure of the tree. Trees that have been snapped or broken in a storm are also unpredictable, and will need careful examination before we begin to remove it. Once we’ve thoroughly assessed the tree, we will lay out a plan of removal.

Step 3: Begin removing branches

One of our trained tree experts will climb right up your tree using ropes and a safety harness. Our usual approach, especially in urban areas where there are plenty of structures around, is to trim your tree branch by branch. These branches will be directed to fall within a cleared area. As we work, from the top down, we will trim off first the smaller branches, then the larger pieces. The ground crew will gather and stack those limbs in a ‘safe area’ or put them directly into a truck.

At times, we will use a crane or bucket truck to leverage ourselves into a position better suited for trimming and to reduce unnecessary risk.

emergency tree removal


Step 4: Removing the tree base

Once enough or all of the branches have been removed from the tree base, we will use our crane to remove the tree base. This will be done carefully to ensure that no surrounding structures are impacted by the removal.

Step 5: Stump Removal

We have a state of the art stump grinding tool, which we can use to remove the unwanted stump from your lawn area. The machine is nimble enough to get into almost any space for stump removal and it is incredibly effective. It chews away the remaining stump material down to lawn level or below to ensure that your lawn or garden area is open for planting.

Step 6: Wood chipping or logging

As part of our services, we will remove all of the tree debris. Brush and smaller logs will be chipped, which the owner can choose to keep as mulch, or it can be hauled away. We also cut up larger pieces of wood in 16” rounds as firewood. Again, the property owner can choose to retain this for personal use or we can remove it from the site. Either way, we make sure that the tree removal site is neat and tidy when we’re done.

All of our services are geared toward the goal of increasing the safety and aesthetic beauty of your property. At times that may require pruning, crown reduction, or crown raising—and sometimes it will require entire removal of the tree. Whatever the case may be for your property, at Precision Tree Services, our experts are ready to provide efficient, safe, and quick services. Our emergency tree removal team is always available for same-day tree removal.