Growing Grapes Indoors in a Conservatory – A How to Guide

July 2, 2018 Daria 0

This is a simple guide to growing growing grapes indoors, be them edible or wine grapes in a conservatory. I just want to start by saying that I am no expert on this subject nor am I an expert gardener. What I would like to say is, I do have some experience growing grapes and vines indoors, specifically in greenhouses and in the conservatory. I’m guessing that people have found this post by searching specifically for growing grapes in a conservatory or in pots, let me tell you know, YES, this can be done and you can produce a fantastic crop of good quality grapes using this technique. Of course, the professional grape growers will scoff at this idea and tell you otherwise, and they would be right. Grapes require, in an ideal situation, a sunny, well drained, sheltered, proven, outdoor environment. But not not all of us have this luxury Some of us just want to grow a decent vine from a pot, a greenhouse or in this case a conservatory.

Tips for Growing Grapes Indoors

Growing grapes indoors is going to be much harder than outside for many reasons. Lets take the disadvantages of growing in a conservatory:

  • You will need to monitor the water situation
  • No natural conditions
  • Need to control the heat (a conservatory will get REALLY hot in the summer)
  • More sensitive to disease

Having said that, you get the advantages are:

  • You can protect your crop during the winter months
  • The grapes get more heat
  • Not exposed to the elements
  • The growing season is extended

This is the second time I have grown grapes in the conservatory. I must confess now. The first time I did this I got it all wrong and the vine died over winter. By reading this you will be able to learn from my mistakes and avoid the problems I had the first time around.

As you can see from above, the grape vine is growing really well and if you look closely you will see some small round balls of grapes. As mentioned on my first attempt…

My Attempts for Growing Grapes Indoors

On my first attempt we had a fairly well developed vine. It flourished during the spring and summer months, in fact the vine was rescued (from another person) from a pot that had been left over during a previous summer that had been left abandoned and had received NO care and no water! Just goes to show how resilient the plant really is. Anyway, we potted the vine on and it did really well. The reason why I was not successful was undoubtedly OVER WATERING during the winter months. Vines do NOT LIKE being left waterlogged in cold weather. This will be your main problem when growing vines from pots, be it in a conservatory, greenhouse or a the garden.

Apologies for the mess; My second attempt in year 2. Doing well:

As you can see above, you will need a LARGE pot. I’m using a plastic terracotta style pot. The pot I have used does not have any drainage at the bottom. My reason, rightly or wrongly is this. If you over water, water will pour out of the container saucer and onto the conservatory floor. Secondly, the sealed pot keeps water locked in, in a very hot conservatory the vines will literally drink water like no tomorrow. Now, grape vines need well drained soil, so it is absolutely vital that you do not over water. This is not such a problem in the summer months, but in winter, water logged pots will kill the vine.

The grapes are forming nicely:

You can see the remains of the flowers on the grapes here:

Ooh what a lovely bunch of grapes:

In conclusion growing grapes indoors can be done, experts will scoff, but with a bit of extra care, you will get some great results.